Appoint a Book Drive Campaign Coordinator.  Select someone to be responsible for promoting the book drive and setting up collection boxes.  Also, designate one or more volunteers to deliver the collected books to Books For Kids Day on May 6, 2017 between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., rain or shine.


Publicize your Book Drive.  Make sure everyone knows you are hosting a book drive to collect new and gently-used books for The Maryland Book Bank.  We will accept books for all reading levels:  from board books, to pre-K through teen, to adult.  


Prepare Collection Boxes & Locations.  Uses boxes that will be easy to pick up and move when filled with books.  Place boxes in locations where many people will pass during the day.


Check your Collection Boxes Daily.  As boxes fill up, have more boxes on hand.  Store the boxes in a safe place until they are ready to be delivered.


Wrap-Up your Book Drive.  Make sure your organization's name is printed on the outside of each of the boxes.  Tape or tie the boxes closed.  Please include the number of books on the outside of each box.


Deliver your Book Donation.  Bring your boxes of books to Books For Kids Day on May 6, 2017.  If you are not able to deliver your books on May 6th, please contact us to arrange an alternate delivery date.  (Call Mark Feiring at (410)-598-1771 or email us at


Accept Our Thanks!  The new and gently-used children's books you donate will be distributed by the Maryland Book Bank to children who have no books of their own.  Since its inception, the Book Bank has collected and distributed 2 million books to low-income adults, children and families in our community.  The success of our efforts is due largely to the generous support of people like you.

How To Host A Book Drive