1. You may visit twice per month. (Every 14 days)

2. You may take 125 books per visit.

3. There is a 40 book limit for picture books selected by teachers per visit. 

Children may always come in and take as many books as they can carry!


​1. You may visit once a month. . 

2. You may take 25 books per visit.

3. There is a 25 book limit for picture books selected by teachers per visit.  

​Guidelines For Visiting The Book Bank

Volunteers and staff work tirelessly to keep the Book Bank fully stocked and organized in order to help people like you find the books that are needed to build libraries in homes, schools, classrooms, and childcare centers throughout our community.  By offering free or low cost, new and gently-used children's books to people who need them, we aim to help all children Learn to Read and Read to Learn.  To do this, we give away books for baby's and preschool through 12th grade reading levels.
Support for our Book Bank comes from several sources, including individual donors and philanthropic organizations.  We currently receive no funding from local, state or federal agencies.  Although anyone is welcome to visit and pick up free books, in order to assure adherence to our mission and our donors' intentions of making books available for those most in need, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:

  • You must put one of our Book Bank stickers on the outside front cover of each book before you leave the facility.

  • Once you have labeled your books, please check-out with a staff member.

  • If you change your mind about a book you have picked up, please put it on the "unsorted" shelf and we will take care of re-shelving it for you.

  • Books may not be sold.

  • Remember to Smile!


 Come visit us soon!